AviSoft has specifically designed this software for the hospitality industry which is being highly appreciated by Guests, Hoteliers and even by other service providers such as TATA, MTNL, BSNL, Reliance, Airtel to use on their networks. The software is purely in-house designed for the hospitality industry, and it uniquely integrates both the billing and hotel operations system. It is designed to enrich guests’ experience, and provide hotelier with highly flexible billing options and web based management to view and export the reports

User login is facilitated by one of the following methods:
Scratch cards
Room number and Last name
Pre-paid cards

Internet Plans offered :
Time based (Validity in: minutes, hours, days, weeks, month)
Bandwidth based (Speed in Mbps starting with 1 Mb upwards)

Integration with PMS

AviSoft hospitality software interfaces are available for integration with a whole wide range of PMSs viz. *CLS *Micros Fidelio *Opera * Springer Miller *Win HMS *IDS *Amadeus

AviSoft has a powerful interface which facilitates the following guest Internet billing features:
Automated discounting based on the company name/code
Long Staying Guest Discounts
Discounts based on Membership Type
Charges based on Package Plan code/No bill for complimentary Internet
Special rates/discounts based on Room category
Discounts for Groups or Crews – Bandwidth management based on Group, Company and Room category

Service Desk Application

Our software solution also includes a user friendly service desk application to handle support tickets with all the threads of communication starting with the original ticket (request) and responses , respective escalations consolidated into a single view, making it easy for the support team to have all the information at a glance. Service desk consists of ticketing system, hotel call log system, etc.

In addition to the above hospitality related software, we have also developed applications to handle a visitor Internet access for the corporate enterprises, as well a two tier level security software based authentication mechanism for educational campuses.