With web technology moving forward in the pace that it is today, there are rapid advancements in the way we perceive and interact with data and information on the web services. Design elements, UI components, information flow are all being rapidly re-thought of to bring about a paradigm shift in bringing the real and virtual worlds closer. These changes, although sometimes very subtle, become vital to retain the trust and following of customers.

Your customers notice a host of other sites that are updating their look and feel with every step technology and web design takes forward. They eventually begin to feel that the ones that are not updating as rapidly as the competition is obsolete and provides a poorer experience, hence switching loyalties.

At AviSoft, we offer website maintenance services that help you update and upgrade your website to the latest technologies while still retaining your data. We take special care to ensure that there is no data loss/ mismatch during the upgrade process. In addition, we also offer website maintenance services through which we do regular site and server maintenance activities, including testing for vulnerabilities, providing spot fixes, support and minor upgrades through patch releases.